Company History

Founded in October 1999 by its Chairman, Earl J Crooks with its primary objective to provide cost effective websites to small-to-medium size businesses.

Initially offering a starter three page web site package, along with a domain name, Freestart plc aqquired over 600 clients in its first month of trading.

The web site package under continual development and constantly evolving became, in November 2001, the foundations of what is known today as the 'Freestart Premier Sites'.

By April 2002 Freestart plc had in excess of 20,000 clients on its Premier Platform, proving once and for all, the popularity and ease of use of its core product.

In January 2003 after months of development Freestart plc creating its 'white-label' solution. Allowing resellers to offer its popular and easy to use websites branded as their own.

Since then, experiencing rapid expansion and with the recent move, Freestart plc has gone from strength to strength, proven by both its ever expanding client base and positive financial reports.