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Step 2 - Chose A Domain Name For Your Website

You will need to register a domain name to go with your website. If you would like a new domain name
(included in the price of our packages) please enter it into the box on the left and search for availability.

If you already have a domain name registered you can transfer it to us by entering it in the box on the right.

New domain name registration



Attach existing domain name


When choosing your domain name remember:

  • You can only include letters, numbers and hyphens, no other symols or spaces are allowed.
  • Your domain name must be between 2-63 characters long.
  • Domain name should ideally include your business name or primary product or service.

Selected Options

Selected website builder template design
Website Design: 80513
Website Package: Premier Site
Price: £149 + VAT per annum

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